Unforgettable Italian menu- Menu Italiano Inolvidable

Cecilia's farewell Lunch For this special occasion I planned an unforgettable Italian menu to be remembered forever for my friends and very special for Cecilia who was going back to her home country Chile. The Menu was: Chocolate Fettuccine with Gorgonzola Sauce and Pear Gratin, Garden Salad, Pane Carasaun and for Dessert Banana Cake with Pear Strawberry Glaze and the extra one: Marlene's Torta di Ricotta. Para esta ocasión especial planeé un menú italiano inolvidable para que fuese recordado por siempre por mis amigas y muy especial para Cecilia.

Recipes Click in the Link

Chocolate Fettuccine with Gorgonzola Sauce (Recipe Link) and Pear Gratin (Recipe Link)

Pane Carasau   (Recipe Link)

Banana Cake with Pear Strawberry Glaze (Recipe Link)

Cappuccino and Cake Time!

Goodies and Souvenirs from great friends!!!

Quality Control- Prueba superada- My son is member of the clean club plate!!

Great time with friends

Buen Viaje Cecilia.. Safe Trip.. Buona Giornata Ceci!!!

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