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Celebrate Christmas Venezuelan Style with  Hallacas (venezuelan Tamales Style), Bollitos (Dumplings), Pan de Jamón (Ham Bread) , Pernil Asado ( Roast Pork) , Asado Negro ( Dark Roast Beef), Jamón Horneado (Baked Ham), Ensalada de Gallina (Chicken Salad),  Torta Negra (Black Cake),  Dulce de Lechoza (Green Papaya Sweet)  and the traditional Ponche de Crema ( Venezuelan eggnog  flavored with rum)

Hallacas y Bollitos               
Plato Tipico Navideno

Pan de Jamon 

 Asado Negro 

Ensalada de Gallina 
Torta Negra
Dulce de Lechoza
Ponche de Crema

Hallacas  are the Traditional Venezuelan Christmas holiday food. Is made with a Venezuela cornmeal dough prepared with a precooked corn flour and filled with a delicious Guiso made with mixture of vegetables, beef, pork, chicken, raisins, capers, olives and wine. Them is wrapped with plantain leaves, tied with strings, and boiled.

Bollitos   (Dumplings) are dumpling made with the leftover ingredients from Hallacas.

Pan de Jamon  (Ham Bread) is the traditional Christmas Venezuelan bread filled with bacon, raisins, ham and olives  

Pernil Asado  (Roast Pork) cooked with wine, orange juice, Worcestershire Salsa, pineapple juice and marinated with vegetable blended (celery, onion, pepper, aji dulce, garlic, cumin)

Asado Negro ( Dark Roast Beef): Eye of Round Roast cooked in a flavorful wine broth with olives, capers, onion, carrot, pepper, celery and roll over a dark caramel made it with papelon (raw sugar cane)Jamón Horneado (Baked Ham): Ham baked with a marinated made with orange juice, pineapple, cinnamon, cloves, Papelon (raw sugar Cane).

Ensalada de Gallina (Chicken Salad): Traditional Venezuelan Christmas salad made it with hen or chicken, potaoes, onions, sweet peas, green beans, carrot, celery and apple.

Torta Negra (Black Cake): Traditional Venezuelan Christmas cake made with dry fruits (Prunes, Raisins Black, Raisins Sultanas, Candied Fruits, Cherries, almond, walnuts, and hazelnut) that has been soaked several months ahead in wine, rum and brandy and raw sugar cane syrup.

Dulce de Lechoza (Green Papaya Sweet) is a very delicious sweet made with green Papaya and is part of our Venezuelan Christmas traditions.

Ponche de Crema (Venezuelan Eggnog) Traditional Venezuelan Christmas liquor made with Ron, Sweet Condensed Milk and Eggs Yolks or Flan as sustituite for the egg yolks and served with ice.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!    Feliz NAvidad y Prospero Año Nuevo!!!

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