Tastes of Venezuela (Living Dayton)

For first time in my live I had the opportunity to be in a TV show Living Dayton - WDTN . I can tell you – I experienced the fastest 5 minutes of my live. Time truly fly and you had a lot in your mind that would like to share and time is over! I was so happy to be able to introduce some of the dishes of my home country Venezuela and share with the awesome team. Thanks Vanessa Freeman, Shaun Kraisman and all the team that was there.

Click for Video Living Dayton: Get the tastes of Venezuela with Carolina Ascanio in the kitchen.

I hope more opportunities like that come again to my life and luckily one day I get called to one of the to many that I constantly applying for be in a TV Food Contest and have my own TV Show because I love to share and teach people to cook and I will be able to own a small restaurant where people can enjoy dishes from around the world in a unique style and food made with love and passion and in the traditional way when is possible like you are in the country because not many of us can travel to the places but we can travel through a culinary journey and enjoy it mouthwatering dishes and spices we never experienced before.

Everything is possible in live. Why not? If Marcela Hessan Changed the Way Americans Cook Italian Food and Julia Child teach how to cook French Food with Mastering the Art of French Cooking I can teach to the world and to Americas that Latin food is very delicious and is not only Mexican Food (We love Mexican food and one of my favorite drink is Avocado Margarita- but there are also dishes from others countries waiting to be explored!

Everything is possible in life. We just need to work to make your dreams come true and one day the opportunity that you has been waiting will come to you!

Life is a Journey... My cooking is also a Journey!!!

Please enjoy it my culinary Journey and mouthwatering dishes full of flavor, spices y Pasión!!!

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