About Me

For me Food is Culture!!! Is not only about food, it's also presentation,the spices that bring the flavors, eating and sharing with family and friends!

Hi/Hola…I am Carolina (I was born in Venezuela) and I am married to Scott.We have two kids – Oriana (16) and Zachary (8).
Oriana love’s Cross Country and scary movies on Netflix. Zack loves Soccer and his dog Thea.

My kitchen has a name… "Arrocito y Mis Pilones". This name denotes the reality that my daughter Oriana also shares my passion for cooking! Thus, blood is thicker than water – especially in my Cocina / Kitchen!!!

I expend a lot of hours in my kitchen experimenting with new recipes. Recently I has been getting a lot of inspiration from the Dinning and Wine Section from the New York Times. Every week I look forward to read this section’s recipes and interesting comments, and sometimes during dinner our family discusses and explores ideas that leads to great discussions about the new articles posted in that section.
Please enjoy my blog and my recipes that I will be sharing. They will make you mouth water as you imagine the ingredients on your plates as they journey towards your stomach!

Do you want to come to my house? I have a house policy and I let to everyone who I invite to my house for first time: Those who come to my house eat and dance must come back! 

  • I am a bad photographer!!!
  • I do not like peanut butter!!!
  •  I love to cook, share recipes, dance and entertain – way more than to shop for shoes, clothes or purses.
  • Food drives me crazy- Cooking is my Passion!
  • I always looking for Cooking Contest!!!  
  • I Enjoy it exploring ethnic food markets more than going to a shopping mall. 
  • As much as I love to cook I love to share all with family and friends.
  • The friends of my friends are always welcome to my house to enjoy it savory and mouthwatering dishes specials made in the Kitchen of Arrocito y Mis Pilones!


  1. Three countries - Turkey, Germany and now (!) America - 5 yrs and counting -- great pictures and wonderful memories -- thx my love

  2. I hope my wife and culinary artist does with passion what Marcella Hazan did making proper and wholesome Italian food in America - she passed away yesterday at 89 in Florida - please see her obituary at the NY Times @ http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/30/dining/Marcella-Hazan-dies-changed-the-way-americans-cook-italian-food.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

    A quote from it: "“A lot of people had encounters with her because she knew in her mind, in her heart, exactly how things were supposed to be,” Mr. Hazan said on Sunday. “That is what made her cooking great. Marcella wasn’t easy, but she was true. She made no compromises with herself with her work or with her people.”

    That is also Carolina in her travels

  3. Hello Carolina I'm so sorry it took so long to post !!!!!!!! I have been extremely busy , I want to say I'm so happy that you are taking your cooking skills to another level, I have enjoyed every dish that you have prepared , your talent for cooking and entertainment is amazing :) Thanks for all the wonderful foods you prepared in Germany I look forward to sitting at your table again... God Bless you and you will always be in my best friend! Love your friend Lynetta:)

    Love The Lawson Family , Ft. Riley Kansas

  4. Great blog! I've always wanted to leave my post over here, but there was a server error last time I tried. Very tasty and affordable; you should also post a tips sections where you can list all the secrets and advises like the one you help me out the other day to fix my red spaghetti salsa! Best wishes.

    1. Thanks Jorge Sosa. I will add the section that you suggest. Is a great idea. I am glad that my cooking tips help you!!!

  5. I bet you have a wonderful recipe for hallaca guiso, would love to try it out this year if you decide to share it!

    1. Hi Sara , Yes I do. I will write the recipe down ad share. In you tube I have the completely video how to prepare hallacas. Search in you tube Carolina Ascanio Hallacas
      hallacas part 1
      Hallacas parte 2 English - Hallaca Preparation
      Hallacas parte 3 ingles - Cooking Hallacas