Special Cooking Class - Pan De Jamon

One of the thing that I most enjoyed is not only cooking, I also enjoying teaching my friends new recipes and who I teach truly learn . For this month I taught  to some of them one of the most special recipes from my home country..  Pan de Jamon   ...  It was my special gift to them...!!!

Christmas it doesn't mean that you need to buy the most expensive gift... some times there are simple things that will make another person happy like the gift to share something very special with them... Is not only about the material stuff that you can buy in a gift shop.... the most important thing are the little things that people always will remember and will bring to them an smile!!!

With my students and friends from Brazil and Portugal!!!

Manos en la masa- Action on the Kitchen!!!

If you need a recipe or any advice I will be glad to help you.  The door of my kitchen are always open to who want to learn to cook.

You can write in mi in the link  Carolinas Culinary Journey - A chef by Heart or in my blog!!!

 I am not a professional chef, never went to a culinary school  but I am an amazing chef in my heart!!! Sometime is you teach people in the right way to do things they will learn,  cooking can be fun and enjoyable.

Maybe one day in finally get in one of the many  cooking contest that I am always applying maybe not.. Life is full of surprises!!!  I know in my heart If I get in one I can win because I believe in my passion for cooking and I believe in my food.. and in that way I can afford an small place where  where I can cook and teach others to cook.

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