Ispanaklı Peynirli Su Boregi - Spinach Feta Cheese Water Borek (Turkey)

Water Borek is very yummy!!!!

I learn Turkish cooking from some of Turkish friends and also watching in the street to the people cooking. I learned very well their techniques and I can tell you I can cook like a Turkish lady!!!Some of my friends told me that I can cook just like a Turkish Person!!! And I always say that my heart (kâlp) yarım Venezuelan yarım Turkiye!!!  Live in Turkey it has been one of my most awesome experiences because I learned about their hospitality, traditions, history, culture and very well about the food and made wonderful friends!!! If you make true friendship with a Turkish is for life!!

Adana Memories:

 I learned to makeBorek and Gözleme in Adana. I  bought my oklava in the fish market in Adana and try to make it at home. It was very good!!!

In Mersin -  I learn how to give the shapes to the bread with the fingers tips!!!

That is me!!!
All these secrets, techniques or tricks are not always in the books- your learn from the people that cook!!!

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