Ajiaco - Chicken and Potato Colombian Soup (Colombia)

Ajiaco is the most delicious Colombian Soup from Bogota. 

The first time that I tried that soup is was in 2001 when I was visiting a family friend in Bogota. They made an Ajiaco Soup special for me. Since them I love Ajiaco. I remember it was a Sunday and  I ate like 4 bowls of Aajiaco Soup with capers and it was so delicious that I repeat.

Few weeks ago close where I live it was open a Colombian Restaurant and I stop by to meet the owner. When I came back to home I was craving Ajiaco- Colombian Soup. Luckily I have some Guasca (herb from Colombia used for Ajiaco)at home that my friend Esperanza brought me when I was living in Germany. That night we ending eating Ajiaco Soup and my family enjoyed very much.

 I made some arepas and prepare a plate with queso frecso, arepas y Aguacate. I prepare a plate with arepitas, fresh cheese and avocado for the Ajiaco.

If you want to make Ajiaco you must have Guasca. 
Without Guasca there is no Ajiaco.
Guasca is what give the delicious flavor to the soup.

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