Turkish lentil and Bulgur Patties (Mercimekli Köfte) / Potatoes Bulgur Patties (Patatesli Köfte) (Turkey)

Traditional Cik Kofte (Çiğ Köfte) is made with ground lamb and mixed with fine bulgur, several spices , onions and parsley. Cik Kofte is a delicious Turkish Mezze (appetizer). For vegetarians there are two different ways to make it. The first version of the vegetarian Potatoes Kofte can be made with mashed potatoes and a fine bulgur. The second version is a Lentil Kokte (Mercimek Köftesi ) made with cooked red lentil and fine bulgur.
I tried them for the first time when I was living in Incirlik AB Turkey and my friend Pinar’s mom next door did bring me one of the most delicious Turkish appetizer ever.
Oh gosh.. I missed all the fresh flavors ot the Turkish food.!!! How I miss my olds times living in Turkey , all the delicious food, shopping in the markets … walking on the city of Old Adana and eating a fresh Simit and drinking a cup of Ayran or eating cheese pogaca just out of the oven, drinking Chai (turkih tea), buy some fresh spices, drink a fresh lemonade in our favorite corner, the ride in the Dolmus (Turkish bus- we payed only 1 TYL – like 75 cents of $ for each ride) and stopping by our friend shop of beautiful Turkish chest( a lof of times he will hold our bags until we were ready to go back to Incirlik AB) and having a delicious kebah. What a great aventure was to live in Turkey and memories and friend that remain for ever in our memories and in my heart.

Recipe  Turkish lentil and Bulgur Patties

2 cups of bulgur
2 medium potatoes boiled or 2 cups of cooked red lentil (If you want potatoes in the Kofta add potatoes instead of red lentils).
1 Tbsp Turkish Salça (Turkish Red pepper paste)
1 tbsp Turkiss red pepper  (Urfa Biber- Urfa Turkish Red Pepper)
3 cloves of garlic
1 tbs black pepper
1 yellow onion finely chopped
1 bunch of green onion finely shopped
1 tsp Cumin
1/4 cup Chopped Parsley
Salt to taste
Optional: Nar ekşisi - Turkish Pomegranate Syrup

Lettuce to serve

 Place bulgur in a big container
In a pot boil on medium – high the potatoes until soft.
While potatoes are being boiled, boil 2 cups of water in a separate pot. Once the water from the second pot has boiled add it to the bulgur. Stir until the bulgur in soaked in water. Cover it and let it sit (10 minutes)
The potatoes should be done by now. Peel them, mash them, and add the pepper paste, cumin, red pepper, black pepper, onion and green onion. Knead the potatoes like bread dough.
To the potato mix, add the bulgur bit by bit, steering in between. Also add the parsley and salt to taste. Knead for 5 more minutes.
Take a small piece make a small roll like a Pattie and press lightly with the finger in the center and edges.
Wrapped  in lettuce leave , sprinkle with limon and drizzle with  pomegranate Syrup.

Enjoy it a delicious Turkish mezze… 

                         Afiyet olsun.

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