Cena de Año Nuevo- New Year Dinner and Our Family New Year Tradition- Nuestra Tradicion Familiar de Año Nuevo

Our Family New Year Tradition- Nuestra Tradicion Familiar de Año Nuevo

The tradition continues at home: It will be December 31, I will prepare some tasty lentils and rice for prosperity and the traditional Christmas Menu of course, we will wear yellow underwear for good luck. I will have ready by the door our luggage to travel after the hugs of New Year!!!

 At 11:30 I start to call Venezuela (since I 'm a half hour apart and all my family is there) lines get very busy  and will speak with my family and when there are twelve I'll be the first to give a happy new year my dear Grandmother Petra, and  the phone will be in speaker and we can say Happy New Year to all the family.  I will finish the conversation with my family there because here   will be almost midnight and will be ready to welcome the New Year. I play on the radio Zabalo's “Faltan Cinco pa'las doce “ and the 12 grapes will be ready ( when you eat them no grape  can be dropped-it believed if you drop a grape some in no good luck and for each grape you will make a wish when you are eating them), Is 12 already, we wish Happy New Year and run in the street with the luggage imagine that we are traveling to too many places faraway, of course is a Latin tradition and we will be then only one in the street  in my neighborhood, running back with our luggage very happy and drink some Ponche de Crema  to  welcome a  Prosperous Year and will call again to Venezuela to wish Happy New Year to my mother and sisters. And Next year the tradition will be repeated again!!!!

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