Guest Chef Night Turkish Menu

A special night to enjoy it one of the most exotic food in the world... Turkish Cuisine

Guest Chef Bio  Carolina Ascanio

"Guest Chef Carolina brings together a variety of flavors from her culinary world experiences.
  Enjoy a unique course menu created by our guest chef... Guest Chef Caro Ascanio… coming Wednesday 14th… A Turkish Delight"   Greene Country Club - Fairborn, OH

For this special night  I prepared a delicious Turkish Menu with the help of my daughter Oriana.

Starter: Turkish Meze , a combination of hummus, Patlıcan, Cacik, and Kissir served with mini pita bread.

Hummus: Freshly pureed chickpeas w/ olive oil, tahini, garlic, & lemon juice.
Patlıcan: Sauteed Eggplant with tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice.
Kisir (Turkish Tabbouleh): Cracked wheat, parsley, & green onion.
Cacik: yogurt and cucumber dip/sauce.

Kırmızı mercimek çorbası : Turkish Red Lentil Soup

Çoban Salatası: Traditional Turkish salad made of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and onions rubbed with sumac.

Chicken Tavak: Traditional Turkish chicken coated with tomato paste and roasted with onions, mushroom peppers & tomatoes served with pilaf.

Baklava:Classic Turkish pastry made of layers of Phyllo pastry sheets filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with sugar syrup

Choice including coffee, tea or soda.


  1. Our Guest Chef night at the Greene Country Club was a huge sucess thanks to the culinary expertise of Chef Caro. Chef Caro prepared an authentic 5 course Turkish dinner. As one of our Turkish guest commented "It's just like being at home". From the appetizer to the dessert it was a first class presentation. The Chef even served real turkish coffee. A standout was Chef Caro's attention to detail. I highly recommend Chef Caro for any culinary event where the host perfers something different and exciting. Additionally, the Chef decorated our dining room with med-eastern decor which enhanced the evening theme. Paul F & B Manager Greene Country Club

  2. Thanks Paul. It was a nice experience and great opportunity.