Stuttgart Street Food Market

Street Food Festival .. I give a 6/10 !!! Some dishes were good others kind of plain ... lines were large to get inside (they were checking the bags), lines to order food too long in most of them, some places run out of the dishes ... Here some pictures if you missed the festival !!!
Ready to take the train to go to  the Stuttgart Street Food Market

Getting close..a litte walk to arrive to the place

When I final arrive the lines were very very long.. I almost go back but I really want to explore ad take some pictures for this  post in another way I could not share this experience with everyone  and of course see what interesting dishes where they selling!!!!!!!

Music , art and coolest signs!!!

Most original.. ChocoKebab

Best salad!!!

Disappointed about the Vegan Hindu Food!!!
They plan enough food but there was not enough flavor in the food. I ate there because the smell was good and I like Hindu food but when I tried the food is was to plain...the essence of Indian flavor was missed ...I only like the pakoras and chickpeas...I wish the lentils were more tastier and also the vegetables, they could make more flavorful without been spicy...!!!

Most interesting drink

Delicious Turkish durum

Most yummy food , the smell and smoked flavor was amazing!!!

Most gourmet dish

Best sweet

Coolest Food Truck guys!!!

Most interesting combination of flavors in a cup!!!Is to bad that there was not enough to give a try!!!

The lines to order food were long... and not enough tables!!

Beer, Wine  Cocktails of course!!!

People enjoying the food after long line to order them!!!

On my way back!!!

Highlight Video

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